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Did you know that 15% of 2020 is already over? ? Whether that excites you or alarms you, it’s always a great time to take stock of where you are with your goals for the year.

This year my personal focus is ?% on Focuster as I continue to build the powerful focus and time management, advanced auto-scheduling and calendar capabilities that you need.

I’m excited to share some product updates and highlight what’s coming next.

? iOS App Improvements

While the App store Release is coming by End of March, for those of you in the iOS beta program you can access these features now:

  • Mobile Action Editor, A mobile-optimized interface for managing your actions on the go.
  • Push Notifications, to recover more quickly from distractions
Focuster iOS Action Editor

? Calendar Events: All-Day & Availability

See all your events in Focuster so you don’t need to switch over to your calendar app. All-Day and events marked as free (as opposed to busy) are now displayed in the Focuster calendar.​

? ​Focuster 2020 Roadmap updates

I’m working on an update to the road roadmap and will share more details next month. Is there any area for improvement in Focuster you feel a burning desire about? Send me a message and let me know.

Improvements & Bug Fixes, January 2020

✅ Improvements

  • Recurring action don’t rollover: No more duplicated recurring actions! If a previous days recurring actions are not completed then there will be one occurrence total.
  • UI: Date Localization: use date formats based on your browser settings
  • UI: New “Grey Mono” flat color theme with no gradient
  • UI: Fly-out menu replaced with static menu
  • Mobile: add Show/Hide completed actions toggle in menu
  • Blocks: Hovering over block shows Block name in case it’s obscured
  • API: return action ID when adding new action

⚙️ Fixes

  • Duplicate Calendar Events
  • Recur Toggle sometimes hidden
  • Auto-pinning did not work with splitting
  • Recur Toggle was not showing in some cases
  • Action drag and drop on Firefox
  • Mobile: selection in dropdown not working
  • Due date Tooltip showed wrong date
  • Blocks: Now view works properly with time blocked actions

That’s it for now! Keep an eye out for another update next month. As always, if you have any questions or need any help with anything please reach out via the support button in the bottom right of the app.

To your success,

Jordan Baker

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