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5 Ways to Get More from Your Todo List

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Jordan Baker, Founder – Focuster

21 February 2017

Almost every professional and entrepreneur we know uses tons of apps to organize their days: at least couple of them to communicate with clients and teams; one or two to plan and manage tasks and projects; something to schedule meetings and so on.

To manage information from all these sources and stay productive they create long Todo lists. Lists that leave them feeling overwhelmed with so much repeated or missing information.

For the last couple of months, Focuster team was researching and working on the problem of high-quality integration, trying to make Todo list helpful and informative while keeping it well-organized and simple. We created 5 features to make your interactions with your Todo list more efficient and productive.

5 things that will bring your experience with Todo lists on the next level:

1. #tags

Save time on adding tags to your actions with Focuster tags auto-completion. Just start typing a tag name and accept a suggestion based on your existing tags.


2. Search

No more wasting time on scrolling! With Focuster search you can quickly find actions on your Todo list by #tag, title or note.

3. Multiple Lists

This feature allows you to split up different categories of your actions and organize your list by clients (Client A, Client B), the area of focus (Parent, Husband, Boss) or goal (Climb Mount Everest, Disney World Trip) or any other criteria.

For more information on how to create lists check out this article.

4. Location

For your convenience scheduled events show their location in the Calendar view.


5. Link to Google calendar

Calendar becomes even more informative. When you click an item on the Focuster calendar, it opens a Google Calendar link.

We’re always adding new features to Focuster to make your scheduling and planning even more convenient. Meanwhile, we’d love to hear your feedback and what features you’d like to see in Focuster (your suggestions/feature requests). Get in touch with me on Twitter.

— Jordan Baker

Wondering if your favorite tools integrate with Focuster? Drop us a line on Twitter.

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