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Focuster Product Update. June 2018

More calendars, Trello integration, recurring actions and more

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Jordan Baker, Founder – Focuster

13 June 2018

We always take your feedback seriously and develop the product keeping it in mind, too. So, for the last couple months, we’ve been working really hard on the most wanted features and updates. We hope that these new additions and improvements will make Focuster even more powerful and helpful for you.

Focuster is a productivity app that turns your todo list into a schedule in your calendar and keeps it up to date, automatically. It gives you smart reminders so you make more consistent progress on your highest priorities.

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Enterprise Calendar Support

focuster new features

With multiple calendars support you can connect additional Google calendars to Focuster as well as Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Exchange and iCloud. Now you can keep all your tasks and events in one place and also always have a complete schedule handy. Please note that currently, we support incoming events only. You can learn more about this feature here.

Auto-scheduling Improvements

You know how great it is when Focuster automatically schedules actions for you. In addition, now you can separate your work and home activities, set up time blocks for different projects or create any other time blocks for related activities which Focuster then will schedule for you within these blocks. Coupled with multiple lists, tags and other features, this allows you to create a well-structured schedule and keep track of all of your tasks.

Have a bunch of way too long actions that need to be fitted into your day? Don’t worry, because with new Auto-splitting feature long-lasting actions will be broken into smaller one to fit the packed schedule you have with just one click. Learn more about auto-splitting.

Real-time Trello team collaboration

With our new native Trello integration, you will enjoy instant syncing and skyrocket your team’s and personal productivity. Check out our step-by-step guide to this Trello integration here.

Recurring actions

That is one of the most wanted features according to your feedback. And of course, we’re extremely happy to announce that it is live now. Now you can set up daily and weekly tasks with just one click. Advanced scheduling options allow you to pin recurring actions to start at the same time every day/week. Also, you can use Focuster’s auto scheduling features so your recurring tasks will be scheduled for the upcoming days, but will appear on your list and scheduled according to the priority and time availability. Learn more.


More to come!
— Jordan Baker

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