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? Recurring Action Editing

It’s very similar to how your calendar works! This animation shows changing all future occurrences of a recurring action.

You can make quick edits to single repeating instances, or change all of them at once. Works with title, duration, pinned time, notes, and splitting status.

?iOS App

  • iPad support: The iOS Action Editor comes to the iPad for a touch friendly editing experience.
  • Duration Editor & Date Editing Improvement: Easily enter durations using a familiar interface
  • Bonus: added some haptic feedback when you tap and hold an action to reorder its position in a list

?What’s coming next

iOS App Release

The iOS app is still in beta testing and release in the App Store has been delayed a month. While it’s functionally working quite well, in order to get into the App Store Apple is requiring that we implement their In-App Payment system so that users can sign up and pay within the app. Which is ultimately a good thing. But will require more time. In the meantime, you can still join the iOS Beta testing group to get the app now!

Recurrence Customizations

Further Options for recurring such as “every Monday, Wednesday and Friday”, or “every month on the 3rd Tuesday”

Fixes + Improvements

  • Improvement: Display warning for busy/opaque all day events 
  • Improvement: widen calendar display on mobile to use available space
  • Improvement: restrict to acceptable dates on mobile date picker
  • Fix: Order of scheduled actions was not ignoring intended day
  • Fix: Reset auto pinned when changing duration
  • Fix: Recurring actions that rolled over would delete future actions
  • Fix: Search results created duplicate items
  • Fix: Mobile: Intercom popup was covering the UI too often
  • Fix: deleting recurring would sometimes fail due to inconsistent data
  • Fix: renaming was moving some items to the bottom of the list
  • Fix: action couldn’t be dragged below the checkbox area
  • Fix: mobile complete was wrong size when dragging
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