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Here are some improvements and fixes we made to Focuster in the past month:

Work hours in Settings: More intelligent selection of your work hours so you only see the choices that make sense.

?Auto-splitting + time blocking: 
Fixed the problem where auto-splitting was not working properly with time blocks – the order of actions could change unexpectedly. Now pinned and unpinned actions are on their place. Also, now you can unschedule split actions! 

?List Selection Improvements: We’ve streamlined list selection so that only relevant choices are shown.

?Google and Apple iCloud, Microsoft Outlook, Office365 & Exchange Calendars: Fixed an issue when the Google calendar connection became de-authorized this meant that all calendars stopped syncing. Now if this happens, your other calendars will continue syncing with Focuster.

Free Blocks in your Google calendar: 
There are two states of event in the calendar – busy and free. The free (aka transparent) blocks were not visible for Focuster and we fixed it. Now if you add a time block to your Google Calendar and set it as free, Focuster will recognize it and schedule the actions within this time. 

API updates: 
We’ve added a toggleComplete verb to the API. Feel free to reach out with more requests!

Also, we’ve added some nice UI improvements that will make your work with Focuster smoother. 

That’s it for now. A lot of new things are coming soon!

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