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Product updates: better focus and improved scheduling

Discover new features that will keep you focused and save time on data entry

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Alina Filatova

28 June 2017

Hide your Todo list for better focus

Sometimes your long Todo list with all of your plans, ideas and multiple lists can become your #1 distraction.

With this simple feature you can keep your focus on today’s priorities and stay productive: press a small arrow on the bottom of your Todo list to hide it, and concentrate on what’s important today:

todo list

Improvements to quick action entry

Quick action entry allows you to add action duration, its start time and tags when creating a new action in your Todo or Today list. In addition to this information, now you can also save time on adding due dates and notes.

Quickly add due dates:

To set up a due date for your action, simply type “due” when adding it to your list:

due date

In fact, all actions with due dates will automatically appear in your Today list at the midnight when they become due, so you won’t miss them.

Quickly add notes:

Add all the details and comments to your action using “///” combination. Simply insert these symbols before writing your notes and they’ll automatically appear in the Note field.


You can find more information on how to use quick action entry here:

— Alina Filatova

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